What Do You Know

Have you ever found something you became so passionate about and don’t know how you ever lived life without it? I constantly tell people you don’t know what you don’t know. How could we ever know about anything until we learn about them? How could we enjoy an experience without first trying one? How can we truly appreciate or love someone unless we honestly know them? We don’t know something until we know it.

There are two ideas that come to my mind when I talk on this subject. The first is shooting a firearm. A firearm?!, you say. Yes, a firearm. I was brought up to not necessarily hate guns, but I wasn’t brought up learning about them, either. The first time my husband brought home my first gun I was in shock. What would I want with that thing?! Then he told me “just wait until I take you to shoot it. You’ll think differently.” Sure. Sure, I would, I thought.

The day he took me to shoot it, I was a mess. Why would I be doing such a thing? Why is he taking me to a place to do a task that holds so much power?

Fast forward to the moment he placed it in my hand. The weight of the gun was enormous. In every definition of the word. In my hand, I held power. In my hand, I felt weakness. In my hand was a feeling that I could not describe. But if I had to choose a close explanation, it would be awe.

The moment I had the gun in my hand, looked down the sight, and shot at the paper target, I was hooked on it. Whoa, I thought, how had I been denied this until now? When I pulled the trigger, there was a flash of light. When my husband told his brother, my brother-in-law informed me that seeing that light was rare. That when you see the flash of light when you shoot your gun, that gun will take care of you. I wasn’t sure of that was true or not. The light was most likely fire from the gunpowder. But hearing that turned my new found like into a love.

The more I practiced this hobby, the more obsessed I became with it. The obsession turned into a fiery passion. The power, control, and seriousness that goes into owning a gun resonates with my soul. When I pull the trigger, it’s like pulling the trigger on release. Like any other intrepid and risky behavior, you have a build up, the release, and then like coming down from a high, you get a full bodied relaxation. The best feeling for me is going to shoot my guns and then going to take the best nap of my life! We don’t know what we don’t know. Passion enters our life from avenues we would hardly ever believe.

Like learning about guns, the path that my obsession turned passion for nutrition. Things happen just the way they’re supposed to happen. What you put out in your life is what you will receive in the long run.

I remember when I was at my last place of employment. My managers had come up to me and asked if I would like to become a department manager. So I went through the channels and ended up with a department. However, they didn’t put me in the department that I thought they were going to put me in. They put me in produce! That didn’t make any sense to me and I knew nothing about fruits, vegetables, or whole foods. I just knew that I was given the task of turning the department from the worst to better in the market. I turned the department into the best in the market.

The task of turning it into the best gave me a deep down love of the food group. I also learned a lot about myself during that time. Even when I left that job, I kept the love of working with produce. Also, that I knew how to fall down seven times and get up eight. What I didn’t know was how much that love would turn into a passion. What I also didn’t know was that I had been working with the one thing that took me being sick my whole life to healing me.

Fast forward to the other great passion of my life. JuicePlus and what the products have done for me. When I learned what it could do for me, I wanted nothing more than to help other people. I knew that once again I had weight in my hands that this time I could not keep to myself.

This time my fire took me to shouting things from the rooftops. I want the whole world to understand that they can have a greater quality of life, too. When you give your body good, your body will in turn give you good.

So what I do know now is listen, watch, and pay attention to the things the Universe gives to you. It will give to you all of the things you could ever need. It will give you passion beyond your wildest dreams.

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