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Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.24.04 PMI’m just going to be real.  Having an eating disorder, or any kind of addiction, is exhausting.  If I’m not beating myself up, then I’m thinking about what I’m eating and feeling.  It’s constantly on my mind.  And it’s a battle that I just can’t fight alone, even though I desperately want to.  I need help, I need love and support and guidance.  I need to be held accountable for what I eat, how I feel, and how I act.  The more people I have holding me accountable, the better I’ll do.  So I’ve decided to enlist some help, and I’d be happy to help others stay accountable.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.45.41 AM

Everyday I plan to write down what I eat, if I binge, if I use some form of purging, and how I feel.  I ask that anyone that reads this, makes sure I post a picture of my daily progress in the comments.  And anyone else can use the chart I use and post their progress too.  No one can overcome their demons alone.

I plan to mostly use the left side, but the right could be just as useful.

I’ve also downloaded an app called “Recovery Record” and it’s basically like the chart above.  I’m hoping that’s even more useful for me.


Accountability-Lisa McClendon



1 thought on “Accountability”

  1. 12-28-17
    Morning snack-
    1 red velvet cookie

    1 slider
    10 shrimp
    1 taco roll up bite
    2 kisses

    5 sliders
    1/2 c green bean casserole
    1/2 c mashed potatoes
    1/2 jello
    1 pc pumpkin cheesecake


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