Life, New Year's Eve


How do you define beginning?  Most dictionaries define it as the point of something at the start, to bring something about, or someone or something who is new or inexperienced.  Tell me why then people think that to begin something means that you need to start in the middle.  They think that they need to have all the answers right at the forefront.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a fresh mind going into something we know nothing about and learn as much as possible?

I know that I am guilty of this a lot.  I am a bit of a perfectionist.  I think that I should know all because I’ve seen just a bit.  However, every time I do this, I realize that I need to stop and start again.  When I start over, it needs to be from the beginning because I am new and inexperienced.  Once I go back and learn the basics, I rock it like no one’s ever seen before.  Because that’s who I am and that’s what I do.  That’s how I go about bringing departments to the best of the market, businesses from mediocre to making hundreds of thousands more dollars a year, and how I live my life tenaciously.   


This new year, as each year usually does, signifies new beginnings.  Each year, people make resolutions and then stop them just a few weeks later.  It’s usually because they think they should be more advanced than they really are and get frustrated.  It’s usually because people forget that they are new at something and should bring things to a starting point.  Don’t forget that you shouldn’t start from the middle.  And if you do, before you quit, go back and research and learn all the things you should have at the beginning.  You will then own it and earn that extra money, lose that weight, stop smoking, or even start that new job.  In the meantime, if you need some help starting somewhere, I would be glad to help you get there. 

          Once you do get things rolling, you will realize that starting somewhere takes you to new places and reach higher ground then you could have imagined possible.  As we get older, it’s odd how time goes by so fast.  But how we handle that time is how we handle our own lives.  We can either choose to sit back, watch the time hands spin around the clock, get older, and have nothing to show for it all.  Or we can start at the beginning of what we really want, own it in the middle, and be grateful we accomplished it at the end. 


          Comment below with what you would like to start in the new year. 


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