Endometriosis is regarded as an infertility disease. However, who has gotten breast cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, or even a heart attack just from not having a baby? It not only robs you of having a child almost indefinitely, but it also puts you at risk for so many other health issues.
I instinctually knew I had endometriosis from a young age. It was like I knew it would be a major theme of my life. It wasn’t until the age of 28 when I was officially diagnosed, though. During my first surgery, my husband had to be brought back into consultation half-way through. It was explained to him that my case was the worst case my doctor had seen in the last 14 years of doing surgery. He had to plead his case in letting me keep my child-bearing organs.
In the following two years after that surgery, I was in a state of depression. It had been hard to realize not just that it was going to be near impossible to have children. But I had done so much research to learn all that I could about endo. Getting that diagnosis also meant that I had higher chances of getting cancers, heart attacks, lupus, and other autoimmune diseases. I was furious that doctors and insurance companies call this disease an “infertility issue.”
Two years later I was prepped for another surgery. This time I had three surgeons to get me fixed up. When I found out what took place, I found out that I learned that the scar tissue had traveled to every place in my torso. Endometriosis had infiltrated my kidneys, stomach, ureter, bladder, etc. I had parts of my bladder and ovaries removed from my body. I had to have my bladder and uterus put back into its original place. They had been moved up and out from a tumor on my left ovary.
I had vowed from the day my second surgery happened and forward that I was never going to have another surgery, again. And that I would do whatever I could to not have endometriosis come back so powerfully or at all ever again. I also prayed to my God that if I did have a child for it to be a boy. I do not ever want a girl to have to go through what I have gone through. Though, I do know, if I were to have a girl, I would raise her up and give her all that she would need and more. It saddens me to learn more recently that endometriosis can affect a boy in some infertility issues, as well.
I came upon the endometriosis diet. It consisted of no caffeine, no fried foods, not so much meat, and more fruits and vegetables. So, I did it. I stopped caffeine and only ate certain foods. I waited for a vegan omega capsule to come out, so I wasn’t eating fish. Fish contain dioxins that cause endometriosis. Though most doctors will tell you to eat it. It’s a catch 22. Nutrition had just started becoming important and a passion to me. I was still having some pains and began to get monitored with ultrasound. Just a few months ago, it had been confirmed that I am in remission.

I am in remission and loving life. Some days I still have pain.  Those come few and far between now.  They do remind me of where I used to be. Being in constant pain from endo has given me fibromyalgia. Both of which have been numbed from proper nutrition and the power of fruits and veggie powder.
I will be to have children one day. On my own accord without any help. Not only am I in remission, but so are my disease risks. I want to take that power to other people. Everyone deserves to have a second chance on better quality of life.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 6.44.21 PM

Comment below if you would like some help on reaching remission with endometriosis or other diseases.



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