The six-letter word that devastates family, friends, and a community. The word that we all hope to never hear one day. Cancer. What did you feel when you read that word? Stomach drop, heart racing, and sweaty palms. Or more like the person that you loved and lost because of the carnage that it brings to a person. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve been there, done that, and you would like to return the shirt if possible.
Stages 0-4 are all menacing in their own way. Zero brings the start of medications, surgeries, and possibly radiation and chemotherapy. Four is the usual start and end of bodily destruction. Those brave soldiers who don’t get much of a chance to fight. One through three are in the middle of surgeries and more fighting. They all get a (possible) end of life sentence. Nothing in your life feels more wholly final than a time frame on your life. In so many more ways than just the obvious. I was given five years to live when I was 17 years old. It makes one think hard about what they want in their life. Sometimes we get the time to make the changes we want in our life. Sometimes we get to go live out our bucket lists. For those who only get a few months of life, they’re lucky if they get to finish their days out with all their friends and family. The stages can either go superspeed into four. Other times, cancer can go all the way down into remission.
I have both battled this disease and have loved ones fade into black before my eyes. Mine was cervical stage 0/1 and as previously mentioned, I was given five years to live my life. At the age of 17, five years took me to 22. What a young beautiful age that most people are lucky they get to look at in the eye. I fought, but only gave my doctors certain means to help me. They wanted to do a full hysterectomy at age 17. From the previous blog post, I would have gotten to bypass other issues. But I was not giving up my desire to be a mother. It had gone into remission twice. Once right after I got kicked off my Dad’s health insurance. The other a few months after I turned 18. Blessedly, it has not come back since then. Turning 30 last year was a gift. I have had eight years since I was supposed to die. That is how cancer changes you in another way. It breaks you down mentally and spiritually. The brave soldiers need an army behind them to take care of every bit of wellness. Not just to help them do physical things. But to remind them that there are things worth living for every day.
It’s a beautiful thing when we see that a cancer center takes care of health and wellness. Disease comes from inflammation. One of the number one ways we get inflammation is from stress. Stress on the body causes an influx of issues. Hair loss, heart attacks, strokes, and cancer are all among them. It’s not feasible to just throw some medication at a symptom or full-blown disease and not address the cause. When that happens, it will continue to keep coming back or never go away. The body is more fragile than we think when it comes to homeostasis. We need sound mind and body to work together. We need sound mind and body to help us fight.

The way to obtain sound mind and body is through spiritual wellness and the food we put into our bodies. Meditation, yoga, and therapy are all good ways to obtain good spiritual wellness. The food we put into our bodies needs to be more plant based and whole food nutrition. There is no other way around it. We need antioxidants for the oxidative stress we get from purely breathing the toxins that are in our air. We need fruits and vegetables to help fight inflammation. We need spices, seeds, nuts, and grains to do the same. Each piece of fruit, vegetable, spice, etc. has their own synergy and thousands of phytonutrients to help keep our body in homeostasis. They help keep our body in peak performance and shape.
Cancer is the worst form of inflammation. The inflammation helps to splice and deform our cells. Even when we have genetics against us, there is new research that says bad genes can be shut off. We really have no excuse to not get this terrible disease other than what we do to ourselves. Had I known then what I know now is crucial. Be sure to listen to people when they try to tell you things that are hard to believe. Others have come before you. We are all interested and learn about topics that we aren’t interested in and know nothing. Why would you not want to know something that could help save your life?
This terrible disease should never have to touch you or your loved ones. I understand that even sometimes we can do all that we can and still get sick. We are affected by a horribly toxic environment. What we use as deodorant, toothpaste, and even our very drinking water. But we all need to do something that requires a little bit of action. We want eradication of cancer. But we fail to realize that we all can do our own part within ourselves.

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