Hanson Lyric Meanings

So, I’m a little nerdy.  I love songs and although most songs are interpretive, I always enjoy knowing what the artist was actually thinking while writing.  So, since Hanson is my favorite band, I decided to try to get the meanings behind their songs together.  If anyone has quotes from the guys about these or any other of their songs, please feel free to send them my way.  I’d love to get it all together.


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Z: I kinda actually don’t like it for that reason. Sometimes, it can destroy the mystery that makes the song meaningful to you. It’s nice, you know, for the fans…for the songs to be their story.
I: We’ve never written songs too literally. We don’t want a song to necessarily be about one specific thing.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 6.47.29 PMA Song To Sing: “In some form or another, it’s kind of a song about battling inner turmoil and depression in some form or another. There are a lot of elements to the song. It’s a song about someone fighting with being really, really depressed and being really sad and down, and then not quite knowing where to turn or what to do about it. And it kind of perpetuates and expands upon itself as the song goes on.” -I

Already Home: “You’re always looking for greener pastures but maybe you should think about the pasture that you’re in is pretty darn green. Maybe you should just spend more time watering the pasture you’re in instead of worrying about the ones that are greener than the one you’re in.” -I

Being Me: “This is a song about fear and self-loathing.” -I

Believe: “‘Believe’ is basically a song that talks about absolute, total depression and sort of saying, ‘everything around me propels disbelief. Life is full of people continuing to say they’re defeated. Everybody is always defeated.’ And it’s sort of saying, ‘I wish I could find something else to get me out of this.’” -T

Bridges Of Stone: “‘Bridges of Stone’ was written about a married couple that separates. That basically gets a divorce. And it’s talking about the thoughts going thru the guy’s head, whose fault it was and just the thoughts going thru his head.” -I

Broken Angel: It’s a song about the fact that fairy tales aren’t necessarily true, that people’s dreams don’t always flourish. Loved ones die, people who deserve so much don’t get what they should, and you should still believe in fairy tales because of the beauty of it, and you should still get up and strive to be a better person, live a better life and do these things, not to fall into the norm, but strive to do something great with your life. It’s kind of cheesy, but I think it’s a story that everyone should put to their life and go for a little more.-ZScreen Shot 2018-01-25 at 7.23.17 PM“The song is really just all about how you sort of have to accept the undeniable. It’s all about how this small, kind of fragile creature has to sort of fight his way through and even though he knows there’s sort of know way he’s going to survive the inevitable it’s still worth climbing up to the top and getting through.” -T

Dancin’ In The Wind: “It’s just a song about fighting the inevitable and realizing there’s no way you can change whatever’s about to happen but you sort of want to live in the moment and take a deep breath before the inevitable anvil is about to fall.” -T

Dying To Be Alive: “You should be dying to be alive, you should be passionate about living your life. I mean, it talks about somebody dying, and realizing, I’m 25, and I know I’m dying here, and your life flies by so fast. You can’t let it, you should be more passionate about your life. Do something more than just live.” -T                                      Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 7.31.04 PM“The point of the song is make sure that you do more with your life than just live it, that you actually kind of have a purpose, that you actually go forward and do something more than just live. That’s really what it’s about. Die to be alive.”  -I

Ever Lonely: “It’s both a romantic song and a song encouraging someone who has lost someone significant in their life. It’s both of those.” -T

Fire on The Mountain: “There is a lot of metaphor in that song. There is definitely a part of it that is about the whole AIDS/HIV issues and whether we make an impact, whether we try to do something or we don’t, it’s changing the world whether we like it or not.” -T
“It’s burning the world to pieces. I think there’s definitely a spiritual element to it. That we’ll talk about less because when you talk about the things you believe that so often can’t get in the way of people listening to music and actually hearing opinions. And then I think honestly there was a little bit of Iraq and Babylon and that area of the world that is in there. And it all encompasses the area.” -Z

Fired up:  Taylor described it as, “the pregame [track] that gets people kind of going before an activity.”

Get The Girl Back: “It actually captures a part that is really essential to this band, which is melody and danceable rhythm. Songs that you put on and you want to drive, you want to move, it gets you out and it pulls you in. It has melody to carry itself. It also tells the story of where we’ve been and acts as the gateway drug into a whole new record of music.” -T

Give A Little: “There’s this energy to it. Strangely, there’s this dance theme. We’re not known for our dancing, but dancing is this metaphor that’s in the record. [The metaphor] is kind of ‘get out there and let loose.’ “- T

Great Divide: They are saying, “Ngi Ne Themba,” which translated into English means, “I have hope.” The Hanson brothers are passionate about improving conditions in Africa, and this song was inspired by trips they took to Mozambique and South Africa, which is where they recorded the children.

Hand In Hand: “It was written for a particular girl who cheated on me.” -I

I Almost Care- Sarcastic love song.  “You’ve almost got me considering this as a reasonable option.  Maybe.”-T
“A guy who is constantly on the fence and can never commit.”-I
“A kind of a cynical, almost sick way of looking at things from the guy’s perspective.” -T

If Only: “I think if only’ is mainly just kind of a love song, like a guy saying if only I had the guts to say that I really like this girl.” -Z

In The City: “That song is basically about a wife or a girlfriend who’s having an affair.” -T

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 7.37.33 PMLucy: About the Peanuts character, Lucy from Schroeder’s point of view.






Lulla Belle: “The song ‘Lulla Belle’ is about letting go of something that means a lot to you. Loving something so much that you realize that you are what is keeping it from being so great for the world. Like the Tale of Two Cities.”  -Z

Make It Out Alive: “I think we were just ready to move forward with a really upbeat kind of attitude – this is probably the most upbeat record we’ve done, period. I think we’re saying that you can have a heart and compassion for others and do good things in your life, and at the same time dance in the street.” -I
“It’s a record where we said, ‘Yeah, let’s just play really loud cowbell and horns… As long as that’s what makes you feel motivated and excited and gives you a sense of joy when you hear this music, that’s what we need to do.’” -Z

Processed with MOLDIVMan From Milwaukee: “Pretty simply, it’s about an alien encounter. It’s just about a guy’s slow turn to finally going kind of crazy.” -Z






MMMBop: “It’s a song about the fact that so much in life is fleeting.” -Z

More Than Anything: “I think it’s fairly appropriate that it was written for a particular girl at the time.”  -I

Penny And Me: What Penny And Me talks about is how music weaves through your life and sort of how important it is. How it ties in all your friends and loved ones, whether it’s a wife or girlfriend or whatever, it’s always Penny And Me, you’re always bringing these people with you through the music you listen to. -Z

Pictures: “The song is about somebody being crazy about someone and seeing in their mind pictures of them all around them… because they’re thinking of this person all the time.” -T
“They’re seeing them everywhere they go.” -I

Rock N Roll Razorblade- Watch Me Bleed poem inspired by the song. It’s kind of just a poem that represents what we’re about and why we do what we do. It’s about believing in something and taking the road less traveled.-T

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 7.51.11 PMRunaway Run: “‘Runaway Run’ is actually kind of similar to ‘If Only’, but it is deeper than that.” -T
“It’s really talking about this guy, and him actually running from a relationship that he feels he feels he will never be able to fulfill. He is really in love with this person and she’s never really returned the same feelings. And so, he’s telling himself that he’s gonna have to let this feeling go, and let her go and move on with his life, cos it’s never gonna work out and he’s never gonna get that same emotion from her.” -I

Save Me: “It’s about a relationship that’s fallen apart. He feels like his life is empty without this person.”  -T

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 7.58.33 PM

Stories:  A song written about their parents.

Strong Enough to Break: “The lyrics became a parable about struggling with the machine, struggling with the label…push through the things that are extraordinarily difficult.  What an irony to be strong enough to break.” -T.

Sure About It: “‘Sure About It’ is just basically about a guy who was unsure about everything. I guess it’s just saying that everyone has these problems and that you’re never completely sure about what you’re sure that you’re sure of not being sure about.”  -Z

Thinkin’ ‘Bout Somethin’: “The video is essentially recreating ‘Shake Your Tail Feather’ from The Blues Brothers, a great scene with Ray Charles. It’s Chicago in the movie, but it’s Tulsa for us.” -Z. The idea eventually came about of it as a kind of ‘done me wrong’ soul song. -Z

This Time Around: “When you hear it, it’s about fighting back, ‘You can’t say I didn’t give it, I won’t wait another minute, on our way this time around.’ The story line in the song, we almost pictured it as someone in the middle of a conflict, maybe a war, and the honor of giving one’s self out to say, ‘I’m going to go for it all no matter what the consequences are because of what really matters. I’m not going to live a free life with chains on, I’m not going to give away my friends.’ It’s about that ultimate sticking it to the man, the ultimate fuck you.”-Z
“The single ‘This Time Around’ is a very serious song about breaking free of oppression and fighting for what you believe in. It’s literally about war.”  -T

Traci Brown – Written as part of the “A Song For You” contest Posted on February 14, 2008

Underneath: “It is an intense song, it’s a song that I think everyone can relate to, in some way feeling – the line, ‘Sitting all alone in this place, even though we’re here face to face,’ just talking about that ultimate disconnect, where you’re right here, but you’re not right here, and I think everyone’s felt that in some form or another or will feel that in their life.”-Z
“But the song is basically about how you can be so close to someone either a great friend or lover and the relationship just starts to fall apart.” -T
“It’s about striving to save something powerful.” -I

With You In Your Dreams: “‘With You In Your Dreams’ is actually about our grandma. We wrote a song about when she died. I Yeah, it’s about somebody dying and saying, ‘you know, no matter where I am, I’ll be with you in your dreams.’ So I mean, it’s the story of somebody passing away.” -T

Yearbook: “A lot of times in a yearbook, there’s a space for a photo but there is none. It just says ‘photo unavailable,’ because someone didn’t get their picture in. That song was built on that thought.” -T



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