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Well with You

My passion for health runs deeply. It is a necessity to stay as healthy as possible, now that I have achieved it. I need to keep this body running as smoothly as possible. And as my last blog post pointed out, wellness is just as important in terms of keeping our bodies at homeostasis and less inflamed. It’s important to keep your entire being well. Sometimes, this feat is not as easy as we may hope it to be.
Friends and family can either make or break you in a way that strangers cannot even touch. It isn’t enough that they know what buttons to press. Your loved ones just have a stronger hold on your emotional level. When you are told things that alter how you perceive yourself, it’s mind blowing. When you are told a bold lie about something that you worked hard on as a role in your life, it is like a right hook to the soul. This can bring your emotional quotient to an even lower level than it was in the beginning. Mama said there would be days like this.
However, you will have days in which your loved ones show you that they love and care about you. One of the greatest feelings for me is when you’re being shown love rather than being told it. I guess that’s why teachers all the way down to kindergarten try to teach you this skill: show and tell, show rather than tell in your writing, the greatest show on Earth, etc. From a niece saying, “I hate it when you have to leave” then cuddling, to an old friend sending you a picture of a note he still has from eighteen years ago. We really do have a greater affect on people than we could ever really know. We should not take that lightly.


The issue with all of that though is that we shouldn’t let what others do and say dictate our emotional wellness. We shouldn’t worry about what others say, except for our God about the matter of our soul. Who others say we are is not our problem. To depend on others for our emotions makes us first stage co-dependent. We should live our lives for ourselves and strive to make those around us happier. We should not live for the times that the ones who are around us to make us happy. And when people try to make us sad, it won’t affect us. Our soul and spiritual wellness will be one with our minds. Our wellness quotient will be high regardless of what anyone has to say or what they do. This is why those who don’t care what others think of them tend to be happier. It is a nice feeling when others care for us. It shouldn’t rule our lives.
Regardless of what is best for us, it’s all hard to maintain. I love meditating. It keeps me grounded and gives me a clear mind. I also meditate to help keep my faith with my God. It is where I hear Him speak to me. But it’s not something that I do constantly. Meditation is one of the best things for me and I can’t cut time out of my schedule to do it. What is your thing you know you should do daily, but don’t? Why don’t you do it?
The same principle applies to not letting others control how and what we feel. Remember to live your life according to your own moral and ethical code of conduct. We could all then contribute to our greatest life.



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