Against the Grain

Over here in JLOLand, we conducted a poll that helps us to understand how people set their priorities on themselves.  We did this to help serve others more and to understand what people really value.  We have passions that are all singular.  I have a different passion than Jess.  Someone who may have the same passion that I do is going to feel differently than me.  We all have life events that become our stories.  One thing that I did not account for is how we, as a society, have come so far down a sad path.  We don’t care about ourselves as much as I hoped we did.  We care how others view us.  I guess that’s been around for so long, but it doesn’t make it ok.  It is called the bandwagon effect.  People will jump on any fad that others around them are talking about and are participating in.  But when did being a part of something that hurts us or slows us down our growth become more important than standing out and being who we are?  When did it become more important to complain about something than taking care of it?  When did it become socially acceptable to suffer? 

I am part of a social media group that deals with a certain medical ailment.  It is debilitating and affects quality of life terribly.  I go into these groups looking for like minded people who want help and will try anything to get some peace of mind.  However, what I usually find is people who want to be validated.  They want permission to feel like hell.  They want to be coddled and told that they don’t have to do anything but lay down and die.  Why wouldn’t they ask for help?  Because it’s more socially acceptable to continue the harm than it is to learn how to be ok.  They want their safe spaces to be told that while they look okay on the outside, that’s all that matters.  While in another wellness group I’m in, people want answers on how to be their best selves.  People want to know how they can improve their lives and be the best they can for themselves and the others around them. 


Why is there a difference?  Maybe some people don’t know any better.  Maybe some people don’t care if they have a good life.  And maybe still yet it all comes down to how people look to their neighbor.  But, how foolish does that sound?  Who would you rather be: the person who went with the flow and had a mediocre life or the one who went against the grain and lived the most magnificent life you have ever lived?  And if that still isn’t good enough for you, look at your hero.  Who are they?  Why are they your hero?  What did they do to become that for you?  Nine times out of ten it’s because someone somewhere did something magical, out of the ordinary, and defied all odds.  So, what would you do to get there?  What all would you do to become your own hero?  What would be your hustle and plan?  Would it be the thing that made you look good?  Would it be instead the thing that gave you sustenance and strength?  Power comes from within.  Being bold, strong, and fierce comes from doing something the person next to you wouldn’t do.  Be that person.  I promise it’s worth it. 



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