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A Face in the Crowd



We were on the beach in Faro, Portugal when the sun was setting and my redhead was picking up shells and rocks and tempting fate by getting close to the water (I warned her not to get her pants wet because it was cold and she wouldn’t be able to change for a while).  I was looking at this broken shell and saw my RH through it.  I saw the adolescent joy collecting shells brings in her smile and the peace that comes with rushing water in her stance.  She’s never been, and never will be, a face in the crowd.  I


We were being all kinds of touristy in Paris and climbed the Eiffel Tower.  (By climbed, I mean used an elevator.)  From that view, I wasn’t able to make out anyone, even the trees seemed small and it reminded me how small we really are.  With that realization came the knowledge that regardless of how small we may be, each soul touches so many and has a beautiful purpose.



A face in the Crowd-Tom Petty

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