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My Dog and Me

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I assume most people love animals, but maybe you don’t or maybe you can’t have any and that’s ok. I don’t think having a pet is absolutely necessary for everyone, but there are benefits to having animals around if that is something for you.

Animals can actually keep us healthy.  Studies show that having a pet can reduce harmful neurochemicals in the body.  They can also help lower our blood pressure and cortisol levels.  Pet owners tend to have less cardiovascular disease.  Along with lowering harmful things in our bodies, animals can also increase oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamines.  Pets, especially dogs, help keep us active, too.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.00.27 AM

There are more than just physical benefits.  Animals can improve our social connections and empathy with others.  Having a pet that is always happy to see you is a great self-esteem boost.

Grab your furry friend and give them an extra hug (or ten) today.

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My Dog and Me- John Hiatt and the Goners

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