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Eat It

I’ve been obsessed with my body and weight from a young age.  I started dieting around 11 years old.  I tried it all, slim fast, weight watchers, Atkins, diet pills, water pills.  Name it and I’ve probably tried it.  I’ve talked about my eating disorder before.  That has it’s own challenges with eating healthy.  I’ve already written about that once, so right now I’m going to talk about facts.

Graphic_NNM18_GoFurther_FINALIn a world where everyone is busy until they step into bed at night, it’s difficult to eat healthy.  More often than not, fast food and eating out are what’s on the menu most nights.  It had definitely added to the obesity rate.  The serving sizes at restaurants help round out the rise in obesity rates.  Restaurant portions tend to be much larger than what we need..  Sensible eating is important for health.  If you work out all day, but eat nothing but processed food, you still aren’t healthy.  It’s balance.


These statistics are highly upsetting.


No one can completely overhaul their diet overnight.  It takes time, patience, and some failures.  Eating right is something I struggle with daily, but the benefits outweigh the inconveniences.  Failing one meal or one day doesn’t mean you failed forever.  Dust off and pick up where you left off.  Find a partner to be accountable with.  Encourage each other.  Prepare food in advance with some free time.


Screen-Shot-2017-03-24-at-1.41.44-PMThe best foods to eat are always the foods that are naturally found in the world.  Start with freshly grown fruits, grains, and vegetables.  Why eat meat when you can get the nutrients right from the source?

nutri1One of the best ways to get fresh produce at it’s ripest is to grow your own.  We’ve had gardens before, but I’m really great at killing things, so those didn’t last long.  But when I finally get back to the States I’m investing in a Tower Garden.  It’s basically a fool proof way to garden and it’s mess free.  Plus it can be brought inside during those winter months, so nothing gets wasted.  The thought of biting into a fresh tomato has my mouth watering.  Home grown food can’t be compared to grocery produce.  It’s healthier and tastier.  What produce would you love to grow and have at your fingertips?

Garden-self-feedingHealth starts from inside our bodies.  Let’s tackle the health problem in the nation at it’s core.  Fuel your body with whole food.


Eat It-Weird Al


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