The Lutherans Song

I grew up in a Lutheran church.  Every year we would learn about Martin Luther and how he started the Protestant Reformation.  For anyone that doesn’t know, Martin Luther was a monk in the early 1500s.  At that time, the Bible wasn’t translated so the only people that could read the Bible were religious officials.  While reading, Martin Luther discovered things that the Catholic Church did that didn’t align with the Bible.  So he wrote 95 Theses, a list of propositions for dispute, and pinned them on the local church door.

Now that the history lesson is done, it might be more understandable why going to Wittenberg would be such a big deal to Lutherans.


Where the 95 Theses were nailed.
Martin Luther’s grave.




I love organs.

fullsizeoutput_143fOur first stop was Schlosskirche, castle church, the church where Luther nailed the Theses.   The original doors were ruined in a fire, but they crafted new doors engraved with the Theses.  Martin Luther’s grave is at that church and it was overwhelming to be near this kind of spiritual history.




fullsizeoutput_1447Our last stop was St. Mary’s, Stadtkirche.  That is the church where Martin Luther would preach and it’s the first Protestant church.  It’s a small, but sweet church where simplicity seems most appreciated.


fullsizeoutput_1307fullsizeoutput_1451fullsizeoutput_145fIMG_4888We didn’t spend much time in Wittenberg and there is plenty more to see there.  It’s a cute little village with a variety of shops and restaurants.


The Lutherans Song- Lost and Found

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