Tower Garden


Sadly, our soil has been robbed of all of its nutrients from toxins in our environment.   That doesn’t mean you cannot still have nutritious and delicious produce. You can try our aeroponic gardens for both indoor and outdoor growth. Teachers, we even have teaching plans to bring it into the classroom!

Complete Bars


We have both tart cherry and honey and dark chocolate and fig flavors. For those chocolate lovers, we would recommend the latter. It is like having a delicious treat, but at the same time packed with protein, fiber, and organic ingredients. They can also be thrown into lunch boxes for an easy side.

Complete Shakes


We have two flavors of our shakes, French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate. With 13 grams of protein, you can enjoy a filling breakfast or a good after workout pick me up.  The chocolate can also be used to make healthy brownies and vanilla in some healthy cookies! Yum!



Our brand new product in this family of health and wellness. Tired of burping up fish breath?  These are full of all of the things that the fish get anyhow, if you’re looking for a more vegan option.

Vineyard Blend


These antioxidant capsules (or gummies) are ready to go to battle for you against your oxidative stress. These will enter straight into your bloodstream and get straight to work. All of our capsules and gummies are real food and come with a nutrition label, not a supplement!

Orchard and Garden Blend

Are you looking for any of these improvements in your body?  Better circulation, better digestion, more energy, lower cholesterol, stronger immune system, or perhaps less inflammation? These and more can all come with the aid of consuming these.



One of the biggest studies in medical history is being performed with these capsules/gummies.  Jessie or Laura will help provide the cost along with JuicePlus to give your sponsored child better nutrition.  It comes with the purchase of an adult supply.


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